2024 4th International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems Engineering (MLISE 2024)

Welcome Prof. Zhiyi Fang, Jilin University, China to be the Technical Program Committee!


Prof. Zhiyi Fang, Jilin University, China


吉林大学计算机软件博士,教授, 博士生导师。澳大利亚昆士兰大学计算机科学系、美国加州大学Santa Barbara分校高级访问学者。中国软件行业协会理事,中国计算机学会开放系统委员会委员,吉林省中青年特殊贡献专家。

Doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor of computer software in Jilin University. Senior Visiting Scholar, Department of Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia, and University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. Director of China Software Industry Association, member of china computer federation Open Systems Committee, and special contribution expert of young and middle-aged people in Jilin Province.