2024 4th International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems Engineering (MLISE 2024)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Tao Wang Invited as Conference Technical Committees of MLISE 2022


Assoc. Prof. Tao Wang, Sun Yat-sen University


王涛,中山大学智能工程学院,博士,副教授,博士生导师,中山大学“****”引进人才。目前担任《无人系统技术》青年编委,深圳市科创委专家,中国自动化学会混合智能专业委员会,中国自动化学会系统仿真专业委员会、中国人工智能学会智能驾驶专业委员会委员。主要从事精确制导、多域无人系统协同、认知智能技术及集群仿生智能应用技术研究工作。担任IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics,IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters,Applied Optics, Aerospace Science and Technology等知名国际期刊审稿人。承担各类预研项目等项目十多项,发表SCI/EI收录10余篇,授权发明专利10余项。

As. Prof. Tao Wang, Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral Supervisor. Currently he is a member of "Unmanned System Technology" Youth Committee, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, China Automation Society Hybrid Intelligence Professional Committee, Chinese Automation Society System Simulation Professional Committee, and China Artificial Intelligence Society Intelligent Driving Committee. Engaged in the research of precision guidance, multi-domain unmanned system assistance, cognitive intelligence technology and simulation work-student intelligence application technology. Served as a reviewer for well-known international journals such as IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Applied Optics, and Aerospace Science and Technology. He has undertaken ten reports on various pre-research projects and other projects, published more than 10 articles collected by SCI/EI, and authorized more than 10 invention patents.